My Story

In 2008 I flew from Portugal to Indonesia to learn how to shoot surfing from the water. Instead of making some photography course went one month to Bali followed by two months in the Sumatra region. Rubber meets the road. The “portuguese tiger” Tiago Pires showed up at Canggu with his raw power surfing, he…

Stab Photolyfe Feature

Just got featured in Stab ingenious series photolyfe, along with Morgan Maaseen and Russel Ord, check it out here! Super stoked, its one of my favourite magazines, for sure the one with the most inteligent and witty journalism.

Mateia Wallpaper

Met this energetic kid Mateia in the Azores islands a couple of years ago. He got lucky and I snaped this photo of him punting at Santa Barbara beachbreak (not California).

Home Break

Surfer magazine had already made an article about the southwest of Portugal long time ago, but this time it is my pic and my story in The Surfers Journal´s last edition, check it out!

Honuhele Shoot

Did this shoot for a friend who owns Honuhele SUP boards. The model was also a friend of a friend, but nice, very nice girl. I chose the location and everyone got super excited and happy, good times and some great shots.

Algarve Pro

Had a good time on the first day of the Algarve Pro here with Marlon, Nic, Miguel and a german film crew. The waves sucked, but the vibes were good. Congrats Nicolau for the win.

Social Absorption: Gloom to Boom

Today I was quite surprised to be featured in Surfline´s social absortion piece. It´s an instagram pic of my friend Ivo surfing with a menhir, actually he hasnt rode a wave in his life, he´s just a university teacher with a PhD. Maybe he will get a good sponsorship deal after this… Follow me at…

The #Selfie Chronicles

My latest piece was just published at The Inertia and Surftotal websites. I had a good time editing it, fisheye makes me even uglier than my mark, had a good laugh. The concept is really raw: photos that document my career in an acidental way, I was just checking the camera settings, trigger, etc.