My Story

In 2008 I flew to Indonesia to learn how to shoot surfing from the water. Instead of making some photography course went one month to Bali followed by two months in the Sumatra region. Rubber meets the road. The “portuguese tiger” Tiago Pires showed up at Canggu with his raw power surfing. He was a…

De La Roca

Spring time and fun surf at my home break. Got a couple ogreat ones then took this pics for the record. Inchalah!

Indo Can Break Your Heart

Maybe this year I wont go to Indo. It´s been 6 straight seasons in the Indic aboard Mikumba Fish, etc. I was feeling nostalgic and went throught this pics am sharing with you. I got an ear surgery to do, well two of them and work and… Damn I miss the place!

Mercedes: Editorial Collab

GARRET MACNAMARA MB PROJECT PHOTOSHOOT Got hired to shoot Gmac at Nazaré for this project called Mind Session. It was about his new Mercedes Surfboard, Nazaré and his limits in the giant surf. 3 days of work, fun and a big swell that was the cherry on top of the cake! Thanks to Jorge, Irina,…

Run & Gun

After a while mastering composition, deph of field and other technical details decided to get in in the water with my fisheye setup. The waves weren´t that great, but it felt good to get worked out. Maybe a good training for the offshore days ahead, the clouds were epic though. Check it out!

The Rock

Endless surf around this parts with new sand banks and unexpected waves. This time with Marlon, Miguel and Melvin. The best shot was Melvin´s unfortunatly can´t show you yet, maybe some mag cover soon.

Such A Great Day: Big Waves And All

Had a great time shooting Garret Macnamara, his new Mercedes surfboard, etc. The big surf was just the cherry on top. Thanks to my assistant Jorge Santos, the Nazare Qualifica guys, Nicole, Hugo, Jorge, everybody. Thanks Nazaré, thanks Portugal!